Energy, mobility, flexibility - Line Pelletier, massage therapist
About me
I'm a massage therapist practicioner who is specialised in swedish  massage, hot stones, Thai massage  and  deep tissue therapies. I got my degree specialities at Kine-Concept in Montreal and Orchidea center in Gatineau and Thai massage School Shivagakomarpaj in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I am a member of  prfessionnal association and altough I give voucher  for my services. 
Massotherapy as an healing art as been around since the begining of time. It was, and still is, part of a well-being lifestyle, mostly because it allows deeper relaxation, relieves tensions and significatively reduces muscular pains and stiffness. While contributing to ease anxiety and improve self-confidence and enpowerment, it also provides physical and emotional healing.
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